Baraka Sport official announcement

Baraka Sport will act as an independent athletic facility consultant that will offer the following services

1. Owner representation – Able to team with the ownership group to help guide them through the process of a project. New projects or replacement projects. Including team building for their project and helping to select the best designer and contractors available. We will help with budget building and product selection. Expertise to help the owner achieve their goals and build the project to their expectations without a conflict of interest from being a bidding contractor or competing vendor. With 30 year experience we can help to get the owner everything they want.

  • Design/Build process
  • RFP process
  • Bid/Build process
  • Cooperative purchasing process
  • GSA purchasing process

We will help from concept to completion if the owner desires including construction management thus limiting the need for extensive supervision or management from a contractors or vendors perspective and budget.

2. Field and Track Assessments – Able to review existing fields or tracks for warranty concerns, repairs, safety, maintenance practices, life expectancy, end of life strategies for any field or track manufacturers system. Will write a report for the owner and recommend any corrective action. Will be available to oversee and coordinate with any contractor/vendor to ensure any corrective actions are completed to a high standard and any warranty claims are acted upon immediately.

3. Construction management – Able to work with the owner or contractor to ensure a superior build domestically and internationally

4. Military and Federal contracting – Able to use established relationships and experience to strategize on these more technical and difficult projects.

5. Airfield turf contracting – Able to assist in strategy on airside applications of synthetic turf projects.

6. Distributor assistance – Able to help with less experienced partners domestically or around the world that might need sales or construction guidance or troubleshooting difficult projects.

7. Expert witness – Certified Field Builder and Certified Track Builder as designated by the American Sports Builders Association. 30 years experience in synthetic turf and all-weather track construction.

8. Problem solving and trouble shooting any turf or track issue

9. Cooperative purchasing contracts – Able to assist or take the lead for vendors or contractors seeking contracts with the various cooperative purchasing associations/groups available.

Thank you very much and please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.