What is “True owner Representation”?

True owner representation simply means we only have the owners best interests in mind. No agenda like a supplier or vendor would have. Transparency with the owner and defender of the owners interests. We have the expertise and experience to help the ownership group get their dream project and dream team of contractors and vendors assembled. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the market we can help to negotiate the most aggressive pricing and schedule needed to meet the ownership expectations.

What if there is a warranty concern and dealing with my vendor is slow and frustrating??
Baraka Sport can do a facility assessment and document the issues you’re experiencing as a 3rd party independent expert.  This would be a key document in pursuing proper resolution to the situation.  Once a report is generated for the record, Baraka Sport can act as Owner’s representative and cut through the delays and potential costs depending on the specifics of the situation and warranty language from the contract.  Many owners are currently experiencing some form of warranty issue that goes from delay to more delay then offers of maintenance or some sort of beautification treatment that actually could cause a safety concern.  There are many cases in the market today in which warranted fields are failing and owners are feeling trapped or forced to continue to use them or actually pay to have them replaced.  Baraka Sport will act as your representative with no corporate agenda which is possible if you’re only dealing with your vendor.  The only agenda would be to guide your facility into a quick and proper resolution and get your facility back to where you want it.  Vendors can be deceiving and when you’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars you may not have all the information you need to make an informed decision.
What if my project isn't going well or didn't turn out as expected? What if I may need to seek legal advice due to quality issues or poor workmanship??

Baraka Sport can help consult with the ownership team on the proper steps to take should there be issues during the construction process or post construction with quality. John has been utilized on several projects throughout the country to help with getting projects back on a quality track or assisting in litigation as an expert witness for athletic facilities construction. John specializes in synthetic turf and running track construction but has also been utilized in tennis court and natural grass fields. If Baraka Sport cannot help, we will certainly tap into our broad network of experienced and qualified experts to assist in your project or issues..


How do I get started??

Baraka Sport will come to you and discuss the project you have in mind.  We can help to prepare a preliminary budget and master plan.  We can consult with your group from the beginning to bring the project to life.  We can help produce presentation renderings for funding and encouraging community involvement and excitement.

What’s next once we develop a concept and create excitement??
Baraka Sport can help you turn the concept plan into a real project.  If retained to help the ownership group prepare the project for construction through various means of procurement.  We can help develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) and secure multiple bidding contractors for a competitive bid process.  We can help advise the ownership group on Cooperative purchasing selection of vendors and contractors.
How can Baraka Sport help after the project goes to contract??

Baraka Sport can help by continuing to act as owners representative to shield the group from the day to day management of the project.  With only the best interests of the project success in mind we can help hold any and all contractors and vendors to task of only the highest level of construction means, methods and materials.  With 30 years of experience in this arena we will help make sure all the project scope is completed to the high standards expected.

How can Baraka Sport help in Military or Federal contracting??

Baraka Sport can help on various levels of Military and Federal contracting.  Mr. Schedler has extensive experience in Contracting on Military bases and Federal installations.  We can help secure contracts or projects utilizing an existing GSA contract or help strategize on the best means and methods possible for success.  We have a broad network of Military contacts and contractor contacts that specialize in this type of construction.

How can Baraka Sport help in GSA or Cooperative purchasing contracting??
Baraka Sport has multiple projects experience with both the GSA method of procurement and Cooperative purchasing method of procurement.  We have years of experience dealing successfully with vendors and suppliers that have secured these contracts for their products.  We can help advise ownership groups on the way these contracts work and how to secure the vendors/materials/systems they really want for their projects.
We can also help vendors and contractors (if eligible) secure contracts with several Cooperative purchasing agencies and GSA Advantage schedule contracts.
How can Baraka Sport help with my existing field or track that is aging or becoming a maintenance problem??

Baraka Sport can come to your facility and do a complete assessment.  With 30 years experience in the market and detailed knowledge of most synthetic turf systems and all-weather track systems we can help determine the status of your facilities.  We will help determine the life expectancy of the existing surfacing.  We will help determine any repairs necessary to make the facility safe and work with the vendor to ensure these repairs are completed in a timely and complete fashion.  We will help advise the ownership group on “end of useful life strategy” for the facility if necessary.  This would include advice on maintenance to extend the life as long as possible.  Advise on budgeting for replacement.  Advice on construction necessary for the replacement.  We will keep the ownership groups rights protected by working with the vendor (s) and reviewing the warranty terms and conditions to ensure the facilities get the proper response and are always in the best possible condition.