Synthetic fields: end-of-life issues: How do you evaluate an older field? What’s the next step?

John Schedler’s expertise is put to use with aging fields and end-of-life synthetic fields.
The first generation of synthetic fields, installed approximately a decade ago (give or take a few years), is showing its age. Field builders, and those who work with sports facilities, say the symptoms are easily recognizable.“The fibers start to degrade,” notes Darren Gill of Field Turf in Montreal, Canada. “You’ll notice a ‘hairing’ of the fibers and they will start to break. You’ll start walking off the field with broken fibers on your shoes. The infill also hardens.” According to John Schedler of AirFieldturf in Spokane Valley, WA field owners can walk the field and find definitive signs of wear. “Areas of wear typically are between the hash marks and on the sidelines of a football field where there is the most use or foot traffic and around the goal mouth and
corner kicks on a soccer field. Baseball and softball are different but typically you’ll see the highest wear..

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